Cloud Desktop Solutions

Cloud Desktop Solutions for Solicitors and Professional Businesses

How brilliant would it be to access your Computer Desktop on any device from anywhere in the world?

Cloud hosted desktop provides your business with just this. A fully secure and working business continuity plan. This means you get all the benefits of a traditional high grade IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

A Hosted Cloud Desktop solution will even allow you to gain access to your office environment from any location via your tablet, iPad or smart phone.

Worried whether your cloud applications wil comply with GDPR?

The Benefits of a Hosted Cloud Desktop:

Cloud Desktop has huge benefits to your business and Solicitors and professional businesses work very well in this area:

  • Reduced Cost: saving your business money in IT costs and energy bills
  • If you reside in a poor broadband area, Cloud Desktop resolves most response issues
  • 24x7 Support included in every solution
  • Increased Storage: Never run out of space!
  • Fully Automated: Software always up to date 24x7
  • More flexibility than standard computing methods being accessible anywhere in the world
  • Mobility: Employees can access information wherever they are.
  • 100% Secure!
  • Cloud Computing ensures both data security and a full disaster recovery plan as your staff can now work from home, a clients location and even a court room
  • No data is ever stored on the PC or Laptop, making them safe from theft or loss


With only a small set up cost, your business can easily spread the cost over an affordable monthly amount meaning you won't have to lay out expensive IT options.