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Microsoft 365 Cloud

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for your Business

Microsoft Office 365There are some seriously good reasons for moving your email into the Microsoft 365 cloud!

  1. You already know the software
    You already know and use Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. The capabilities in Office 365 are greater with multiple subscription levels depending on your requirements. You may just wish to use the email exchange at mere cost of £3 per user!

  2. Access your data anytime anywhere
    365 provides access to email, documents, contacts, and calendar on almost any mobile device. You no longer need to hurry to the office or look for a WIFI hot spot. You control when and where you work!

  3. Communicate inside and outside your business
    You can send instant messages to colleagues and customers and invite them to participate in virtual meetings and you can review or share documents on your desktop in the discussion.

  4. Straightforward to use
    There is no need to learn new software, install complicated systems, or learn new jargon. Its that simple!

  5. Email, Collaboration, and online meeting solutions 
    Office 365 gives you a 50-gigabyte (GB) mailbox and attachments up to 25 megabytes (MB), shared calendars, contacts, online meetings, instant messaging, document collaboration and more. What other email exchange offers this?

  6. Security and Cyber safety
    Cyber security is a major priority at Microsoft data centers. You get to use the same systems used by Microsoft and other enterprises worldwide to help protect email, documents, and networks. Systems scan your messages and documents for spam and malicious software (also called malware) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  7. Advanced I.T. knowledge is not required
    Office 365 administration is easily to use. This helps you focus on your business rather than on learning menus and technical lingo. We can provide this service for you in a simple cost effective affordable monthly pricing, if you wish.

  8. Uptime Guarantee - 99.9% Financially-Backed
    365 is built for reliability, availability, and performance.You receive enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery with multiple datacenters and automatic failovers and a strict privacy policy. The performance has a 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).

  9. Your business is now flexible
    A pay-as-you-go pricing option gives you predictability and flexibility. 365 allows you to provide users with only the services they need, cost-effectively adding value to your business. The pricing increases or decreases with your users. And its easy to track!

  10. Your business displays professionalism
    365 shows potential customers that you’re serious about your business! You set yourself apart from businesses that use free or ad-supported services. Your domain enhances your branding, and 365 includes tools help you create a professional, public-facing image in minutes.

How do you get Office 365?

We provide you with a free no obligation consultation, on request, to discuss your needs and what you wish to achieve in business.

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