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New Systems

Replacing your I.T Equipment

Planning a New System or Upgrade?

Planning an upgrade or new system for your business is large investment. This means you want it done right! Whether you needs include a ground based Server or Cloud Services, your computers are controlled and installed seamlessly across the network. Network-based installations which means there are no manual CD or DVD installations. This means a much faster and more stable platform for your business. 

Benefits of a new system:

  • Reduced complexity of rebuilding a PC
  • Reduces engineer onsite by 50%
  • Deploys a pre-tested and bespoke Windows image to computers
  • Computer rebuilds in 12 minutes!
  • No virus scans and disinfections required. If a PC is infected, a clean image is simply re-deployed.
  • Fully supported by Microsoft
  • Business changes applied centrally to all users.
  • Software installations applied to all users remotely.

If you need more than just the IT system, you may be interested in a other services which involve all of the peripheral needs such as Cabling, Telephones, Network, Domain name and Email design and configuration. We have the expertise to assist you in these matters. You simply turn up, and your building and system is ready to go.