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Spam Removal

Seagate sued by its own staff over data theft

Avoid Phishing Scams via SPAM email!

This article dated 12th September 2016 shows just how dangerous SPAM email can be, when a major data hard drive manufacture is hit by an email Phishing Scam!

Powerful SPAM Removal

Stop Dangerous Junk Mail from landing today!

Receiving unsolicited junk email every day is not a normal activity in a professional business. It wastes staff time, can be very frustrating and worse, it can be dangerous with virus infection or hacking properties. You can stop it immediately using the SecureMail product. 

  • Cleans all incoming emails for viruses, spam and phishing
  • 99 percent effectiveness in blocking spam and malware before it reaches your network
  • No hardware or local software installation required, and it's compatible with all email servers
  • Protect your incoming and outbound emails, filtering program cleans all outgoing emails from the network
  • SecureMail's delivery manager will queue email until the client server is back online

Benefits of SecureMail:

SecureMail is an award-winning anti-spam service that saves you time and money by blocking unwanted messages and keeping your system free of adware, spyware and viruses. With SecureTide, there is no onsite hardware or software required.

Set-up is easy: A simple change to your MX (email) records gets things started. You'll receive a daily Held Spam Report to see the spam you're (not) missing . You can also find and restore any legitimate messages we might mistake for spam. Additional features allow you to block emails from various countries, domain names or other specific criteria.

  • Real-time protection from todays IT Threats
  • Simple implementation
  • Inbound and Outbound email protection
  • Daily held spam reports
  • Disaster email recovery service included

Your Firewall is also important in removing and preventing SPAM so you may also be interested here.